Tough Luck

  You see the glory, You see the light. I see the fear, I see the fight. And I know that the world will fall to its feet When both our ambitions meet. I will find you by the finish … Continue reading

The First Step

This Blog is the byproduct of a long time of wanting to project my thoughts to unknown people.

I have always wanted to remain away from the spotlight, shying away from slightest compliments, yet reveling the fact that may-hap, the reason they compliment me so is because I am a little more than ordinary.

But who amongst us really is ordinary? Throughout my life I have noticed that the most ‘so-called’ ordinary people are the most intriguing.

I wish to study that more in detail soon.

This blog, simply put, is a mental vomit of exactly how my thought process works, and the hypocritical perceptions that people so often have. In our daily lives, we let societal ways seep in without even realizing.

This blog is just my take on such things.

Your support and comments will be highly valued.

I look forward to having many mind titillating conversations with ‘ordinary’ people just like me.